3 Trends That Will Change Your Social Media Strategy

Young woman having business meeting in cafe with two men, smiling

Social media is nothing new, and neither is social media marketing. However, what is continuously changing is how businesses strategize when it comes to using social media. Each year there are new social media trends that you should begin to implement as strategies. If you want to stand out from your competition this coming year, here are three trends that will change your social media strategy:

Shifting the Focus of SEO to Social Media

Everyone still wants to be found on Google, but this will now shift to how you can be found on social media. The reality is that social media is becoming more popular than search engines, mainly because everyone loves visual content. Search engine optimization (SEO) is now switching to social media optimization (SMO) in an effort to keep your customers more engaged with your brand. 

While SEO is still relevant in today’s world, marketing is now going to rely on SMO, with more people spending their time on social media apps.

Buy Buttons

Buy buttons allow your customers to buy directly from your social media. These buttons became popular on social media such as Pinterest. Following suit, Instagram came up with their “shop now” feature. When you consider how much time we spend on our phones browsing through social media, it makes sense to create purchasing options that stem directly from social media. But don’t expect your social media presence to become an e-commerce heavyweight. Buy buttons are just becoming hot right now. Facebook is still currently in test mode. However, these buy buttons are showing a huge conversion gap on mobile devices, meaning that people are using their phones to browse the sites.

These buy buttons are also a gateway to recreating the impulse buying idea. Most shoppers start their searches on Google or even head to Amazon, but with these buttons, customers can work directly via your social media presence. This allows your customer base to bypass search engines and buy directly from your social media account, or fid a route to your website.


Live video streaming is going to continue full speed ahead with Facebook. Customer love the real-time response and effect allowed by social media, and video takes this one step further by allowing you to post a video of exactly what you are doing at that very moment. These live videos also allow you to engage with your followers the moment the video is posted.