5 Innovative Examples of Restaurants Using Text Marketing to Retain Customers

text marketing

Marketing is essential for restaurants, and helps eating establishments to both attract new customers and retain existing customers. Text marketing has become a commonly accepted method for reaching customers frequently on the go. Yet many restaurants still struggle with the concept of mobile marketing and how to keep it fresh. Below, we explore five innovative examples of how restaurants did just that.

1. Taco Bell

In an effort to create another avenue for communicating with loyal customers, Taco Bell elected to launch a mobile marketing campaign. Customers were encouraged to text “TBIC” to subscribe to the program and were incentivized to do so by receiving a free Frutista Free with a purchase after opting in. The restaurant promoted the campaign through traditional marketing channels, including television and radio. During the first five weeks, the campaign generated approximately 13,000 opt-ins.

2. Subway

A multiple-store franchise in New York launched a mobile marketing campaign to help increase repeat visits. The My Subway Mobile SMS program was advertised in-store, and generated approximately 5,000 customer mobile phone numbers during several months. It experienced a 9-percent redemption rate—much higher than the redemption rate direct mail campaigns had previously generated.

3. Pizza Hut

Text marketing is often highly effective when combined with geo-fencing the location-based mobile service that allows marketers to send messages to consumers with smartphones when they enter a defined geographic area. In the UK, Pizza Hut set up geofence locations within a specified radius of nearly 350 locations. During the length of the campaign, the restaurant found that mobile marketing generated significantly increasing incremental sales compared to other marketing channels. In fact, the mobile marketing campaign was 4.4 times more effective than television ads.

4. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. has always been known for its innovative and attention-grabbing television ads. In the spring of 2013, the restaurant decided to take part in a text marketing campaign. As part of the campaign, customers were sent a mobile offer for a burger combo regularly priced at $6 for only $2.99. Along with generating a 19-percent redemption rate, the campaign also saw an incredible return on investment by generating $14 in sales for the fast food chain for every dollar spent on the campaign.

5. Dunkin’ Donuts

In Boston, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a mobile marketing campaign that encouraged customers to opt-in to receive mobile offers. After the campaign was advertised on mobile Internet ads, it generated some 7,500 opt-ins, along with a 21-percent increase in store traffic.

Sometimes, all customers need is a reminder, and text messaging provides the perfect way to send that reminder.