5 Social Media Strategies That Promote Crazy Organic Growth

So, here’s the deal. Top social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offer paid advertising solutions. These solutions strengthen engagement, increase reach, tally up fans, and drive website traffic. But, what happens when you’re a small business owner on a budget? And, by budget, I mean you have maybe $50 a month to spend. Well, you put paid solutions to the side, and turn to organic strategies that offer the same value. Here’s our top 5 social media strategies that promote crazy organic growth. Although all may not apply, pick and choose the ones that work best for your business.

1. Don’t discredit the value of groups.

Did you know there’s a group on Facebook for people who hate waking up early? What’s the point here? The segmentation is done for you. Facebook groups offer you a chunk of qualified people, so take advantage of this gift. Develop a relationship with group members before blasting them with some sort of promotion. Selling your own brand of local organic coffee? Offer group members a 20% off coupon code.

2. Make one on one connections.

Whenever you get new friend requests on your personal page, shoot over a greeting. Say hi, thank them for connecting, and offer detailed contact information. This helps you grow your brand with little effort.

3. Pay attention to the time of day.

Some of you schedule social posts all day. But in all reality, your fans only interact with your evening selection. If you’re running a business, you might experience interaction during the work day.

4. When applicable, always include an eye-catching visual.

It’s 2015, and yet I still see tons of small businesses just posting text updates. Why? If there’s an opportunity to include an awesome photo, take advantage of that.  People like photos with a slight filter. We have Instagram to thank for that. With that said, follow photo editing trends when picking out your visual.

5. Ask for feedback.

Your customers love sharing their opinions. They litter your Facebook wall with tons of comments, praise, concerns, ideas, etc. So, why not capitalize on this behavior? Once a week, ask for feedback. Now, keep it as specific as possible. Don’t just throw up a post asking vague questions about your product.

RIGHT: Check out this new blue polka dotted dress. Is this something we should carry?

WRONG: We want to expand our dress collection. Give us ideas!

Grow your social following with these five strategies that start you on the right foot. Above all else, make sure your posts offer some sort of value and represent your brand.