6 Free Self Promotional Tricks for Freelancers

If you’re working as a freelancer, but not being cost effective, you won’t be for too much longer. When you’re self employed, you must cut costs whenever possible, at least in the early stages of growth. At the same time, self promotion is crucial, as a lack thereof won’t help you generate any income. Here are some insanely cheap ways to market yourself in a freelance environment.

Spread the word.

Don’t be afraid to verbally engage, and tout your skills to fellow business people. Attend events that speak to your industry knowledge. Carry around business cards, and be proud of your freelancer status.

Publish a few case studies.

Gain web notoriety by publishing a few case studies that showcase direct results. Summarize all results at the top, and then detail out how each goal was accomplished. When trying to sell potential clients on your service, refer to these case studies.

Send personalized emails to hand selected leads.

Surf the net, and look for people or businesses that could use your assistance. Fire out an email, even attach a link to a case study or two. Offer to write up a custom proposal, and inquire about a quick ten minute phone meeting to review options.

Learn more about SEO, and low competition keywords.

Well, it goes without saying, before you dive into SEO, you definitely need to have an online presence. If you’re not sure where to start, purchase your name as the domain. Don’t overthink it, and try to come up with a super complicated business name. Once you’ve set up a sleek and simple site, focus on on page optimization. Select a few high search volume, low competition keywords, and sprinkle them in your website content.

Stack up your portfolio on Upwork.com.

Formerly Odesk.com and Elance.com, the two have now combined to offer a better alternative. Upwork allows you to get in touch with potential employers, and pitch your services in a detailed and speedy proposal. Sign up for this free service, make a portfolio, and start applying to jobs.

Social media is your friend.

Promote your content, work, and services on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In fact, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be. Even the greenest freelancers can make lifelong connections using these social platforms. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so be wise about your social media communication.

All things considered, you can make it as a self employed freelancer. Take advantage of cheap or free marketing methods to promote your services, and watch as business grows.

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