6 Step Content Marketing Formula That Smart Business Owners Follow

When developing an online content marketing formula, be sure to follow a certain routine. Developing and pushing out content with no plan? Just don’t. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see people make when marketing their content. Sure, you might have a team of awesome writers. But if they write off the cuff, with no direction or purpose, you’re wasting their time and your money.

So, what’s the first lesson here? Plan out all content development before execution.

Never create fly by night content, it just doesn’t work. Even the best marketers can only squeeze so much out of random deliverables. Follow this 6 step formula when developing a content marketing plan.

1. Host an internal brainstorming session.

Gather up all the troops. Sit down for an hour or two, once a month, and throw around content ideas. Review results from previous content, such as reads, shares, etc. Use this information to make decisions on new ideas.

2. Take note of current trending topics.

Always capitalize on current trending topics that are relevant to your business. You can use Google Trends, or any popular news source to develop ideas.

3. Jot down common customer concerns.

Has the same question or concern come up several times? For example, let’s say you own a prom dress boutique. Customers regularly inquire about dress care. If that’s the case, pen up a blog post or video tutorial covering this topic.

4. Decide on the deliverable.

Once the actual topics are set in stone, decide on the actual deliverable. Will customers respond better to a 60 second video or podcast discussing a specific how to? Either way, know your customers and how they digest media. 

5. Develop a content schedule.

Schedule out your content. Set monthly or even weekly themes. This keeps your content marketing efforts consistent, which gives you a greater return.

6. Decide on promotional methods.

Once your content is scheduled, figure out how to promote it. Will you share updates via social media, send out a weekly newsletter, or both? If you don’t promote your content, you’ll suffer from low engagement.

When it comes to content marketing, stay plugged in to this formula or get left behind. Stay organized, and follow this simple structure. You’ll experience long term success in the form of traffic, reads, shares, and engagement.