Top 6 Must Have WordPress Themes for Your Ecommerce Store

Years ago, most marketers labeled WordPress as an exclusive blogger network. Beyond that, the themes weren’t suitable for product marketing. There wasn’t an efficient checkout option, so WordPress themes simply housed content, and had limited functionality. Fast forward to 2015, and there’s now hundreds of WordPress themes that cater to ecommerce stores. Listed below are […]

Optimize Your Sales Funnel with These 3 Core Functions

When building a list of qualified leads, you must push every customer through the same sales funnel. If implemented correctly, this funnel keeps the process relatively hands free, and takes potential customers through a variety of stages that work towards closing the sale. When optimizing your sales funnel, keep these three main functions at the forefront. 1. Lead […]

5 Social Media Strategies That Promote Crazy Organic Growth

So, here’s the deal. Top social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, offer paid advertising solutions. These solutions strengthen engagement, increase reach, tally up fans, and drive website traffic. But, what happens when you’re a small business owner on a budget? And, by budget, I mean you have maybe $50 a month to spend. Well, you put […]

Here’s Why Mobile Marketing is Calling Your Name

Have you heard of mobile marketing? Chances are, the answer is yes. Now, let’s take it one step further. Have you implemented any mobile strategy into your current marketing initiatives? Most of you hesitated. You love the idea of mobile, but when it comes to actual implementation, you’re still lost. That’s completely ok, as long as […]

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