How to Get the Most Out of Business Networking

Time is one of your most valuable resources as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to network with as many people as possible. However, it is a better strategy to connect with people who can help you overcome challenges and grow your business. To be successful, use your time to connect […]

facebook and instagram

Similarities and Differences Between Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Although there are many excellent social media platforms to use for marketing, two in particular are the most popular: Facebook and Instagram. To be successful in using these two platforms when marketing your business, you should understand their similarities and differences. On Instagram, there are nearly 500 million active users every month, which is more […]

customer service

Two Words that Dramatically Improve Customer Service

From a very young age, children are taught to show respect by saying “please” and “thank you.” Obviously, every child should learn good manners. However, these same manners play a crucial role throughout adulthood. Especially when it comes to customer service, the words “thank you” are vital to success. When genuinely spoken, these words are […]

social selling

Opening Not Closing: The Art of Social Selling

Many marketing professionals feel that closing is more important than opening. This mindset causes salespeople to rush through the process so that they can quickly get started on the next deal. As a result, building solid relationships is impossible. An efficient sales process is always about opening, not closing. The goal is to open and […]

content marketing

Improving Your Outreach and Elevating Your Content Strategy with These Surefire Methods

Although engaging content is a key component of a successful marketing campaign, top marketers stress that just 30 percent of efforts are actually effective. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to connect with multiple industry leaders from whom you can gain tremendous insight. To achieve success in today’s competitive market, your content strategy needs to be […]

b2b marketing

7 Deadly Sins of B2B Marketing and How to Avoid Them

For business-to-business (B2B) marketing, there are seven deadly sins. For the overall success of your business, you need to learn what these sins are but also understand how to avoid them. Deadly Sins to Avoid Lack of Self-Knowledge Self-knowledge is defined as having a true sense of what you do as a sales or marketing […]

pokemon go

Capitalizing on Local Advertising with Pokémon Go

To some people, Pokémon Go is nothing more than a fun and crazy game, but to others, it presents incredible business opportunities. As the trend grows, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing that Pokémon Go can actually be used to bolster local advertising. Pokémon Go uses augmented reality as a means of sending players […]

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