Avoid Making These Top 10 Website Mistakes

website development

website development

Recently, the internet celebrated 25 years of existence. While people have learned valuable lessons throughout that time, it is interesting that many still make the same mistakes. When you have a website, the goal is to increase traffic to it, which creates an opportunity for you to sell. Unfortunately, the mistakes listed below drive people away.

10 of the Most Common Website Mistakes

  1. Under Construction – The purpose of an “under construction” sign is to let people know that you are working on your website in preparation of a launch. However, this makes you look like an amateur. Never publish anything, even an “under construction” sign, until the site actually launches.
  2. Counters – Counters help you track the number of people that visit your site. Although beneficial, if people see a low number, they immediately make an assessment that you are green or that whatever you sell is subpar or unpopular. The solution is to use a counter on the backend so it is not visible to visitors.
  3. Copyright Statements – Make sure that all copyright statements for content, website design, and so on are up to date. Having a copyright statement from years prior only hurts your business in that it appears you do not take your website seriously.
  4. Technology Overload – Incorporating cool technologies into your website is fine, but by going overboard, they become distracting. In addition, depending on the browser that people use, too much technology can cause pages to load slowly. When that happens, most people will leave before seeing what you have to offer.
  5. Run-On Sentences – Run-on sentences make content difficult to read and digest. To reduce the risk of distracting people, use sentences that are short and crisp.
  6. Passive Verbs – For content that is powerful and full of positive energy, be sure to use active verbs and sentences, not passive.
  7. Long Pages – Because people typically scan for bullet points on long pages of text, important information is overlooked. To remedy this problem, keep pages short or break information down into several pages.
  8. Benefits – Rather than go into detail about what your product or service is, focus on the key benefits.
  9. Call to Action – Failing to provide visitors with a call to action is a huge mistake. You want to direct visitors into taking the next step, whether placing an order or signing up for a newsletter.
  10. Phone Number – Although you do not want to receive hundreds of calls, having a phone number on your website will help people feel more comfortable. A great remedy is to invest in an inexpensive toll-free service.

By making a few changes, you will see an increased number of visitors that you can convert into viable customers.