Capitalizing on Local Advertising with Pokémon Go

pokemon go

To some people, Pokémon Go is nothing more than a fun and crazy game, but to others, it presents incredible business opportunities. As the trend grows, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing that Pokémon Go can actually be used to bolster local advertising.

Pokémon Go uses augmented reality as a means of sending players and their mobile devices on a real world quest to find, train, and battle with Pokémon but to also acquire various goodies at Pokéstops and battle in Gyms. Interestingly, the Pokémon game was launched by Nintendo more than 20 years ago. At that time, it was a card and video game. Thanks to advanced technology, Pokémon Go is now highly advanced.

Within just days of Pokémon Go launching, it surpassed all expectations. In fact, in the United States, this game has now passed Twitter as far as daily use. From a local advertising perspective, this game has already been proven to generate revenue. For that reason, it is considered a real gold mine. However, many experts agree that Pokémon Go has the potential of generating even more revenue through advertising as well as in-app purchases.

There are numerous ways to benefit from strategic partnerships with businesses. For instance, businesses could be charged a nominal fee to become a branded Pokéstop or Gym. In addition, businesses could be allowed to create mobile wallet offers, which would be downloaded by players when passing by a specific business during a search for Pokémon. As long as the branded experience does not interfere with the game, the potential for local advertising is great.

Another advantage of using Pokémon Go for local advertising is that already, the game has a strong base of users who are completely engaged. Since 1996, this brand has enjoyed strong recognition. It also has a history of penetrating popular culture through a card game, video games, anime series, and various other media. In addition to current users, this game attracts new users daily. With Pokémon Go, there is a chance to capitalize on that engaged user base.

Rather than just watch others play, local businesses can get involved. If your business has a physical location, use the game’s popularity to your advantage. Whether you use Pokémon Go for local advertising or not, continue with more traditional marketing strategies. For example, inbound links, monthly newsletters, and text messaging remain highly effective. With everything combined, you can take your business to the next level, locally, nationally, and even internationally.