Authenticity is the New Black

You’ve probably heard the word “authenticity” roaming around the marketing mill. It’s the latest buzz word for 2016. Businesses want to prioritize human to human marketing. Business to business and business to consumer are dead. People want customized, friendly interactions. That’s where the word “authenticity” starts to take shape. Feeling a bit lost in translation? We’ll […]

The Blogger’s Recipe for Success

Some of you may blog just for fun. And don’t get us wrong, we totally respect that. But after running into The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post Infographic over at HubSpot, we’re starting to think twice about our blogging strategy. You must have a killer headline.  This is crucial. In addition to the content, […]

The Benefits to Spicing Up Your Content With Personality

So you’ve probably heard it tons of times before, but it’s worth saying again. 2016 is the year of authenticity. Customers want to interact with real people. They want to engage with brands who value transparency, and aren’t afraid to admit shortcomings or mistakes. We would like to take authenticity a step further and suggest […]

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