Anticipated Changes for CRM in 2016

Marketing, sales, and customer relationship management experts have some ideas as to how the trends and features of CRM will change in 2016. Every year, CRM software goes through tremendous changes. Even apps and vendors entering the market are continually changing. Here are some of the predictions for this year. Predicted Changes More Social A […]

3 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Sales Potential

We’ve shared some HubSpot content before, and today, this piece really caught our eye. We were inspired by an infographic over on their marketing blog titled, 4 Pressing Sales Problems to Fix in 2016. Although these mistakes may seem a bit trivial, they do add up. Your team could be missing out on thousands of dollars […]

2016 is the Year of H2H Marketing

Business to business marketing isn’t the end all be all anymore. Business to consumer marketing is completely dead. 2016 is the year of authenticity, and you know what that means? Marketing is all about H2H, or human to human interaction. What exactly does this mean? Well, when prioritizing H2H marketing and communication, prioritize the follow guidelines. […]

Avoid These Phrases When Dealing with Frustrated Customers

The team over at Find New Customers can all agree, an angry customer is no fun. Sometimes a solution isn’t always apparent, so it’s important to stay calm and collected, while you work through the problem solving process. Top online texting service,, recently released this infographic, 9 Customer Service Phrases That Pressure Cook Problems […]

4 Key Elements to Identify When Doing Target Market Research

If you don’t understand your potential target market, you’ll struggle to sell your product or service. When you don’t know what your customers want, you don’t know what to offer. With that said, when doing market research, here’s four factors you should understand and consider. Age Range Should you be reaching out to golden agers or […]

Top 9 Tactics for Finding New Customers Online [Infographic]

Your content creation efforts mean nothing if you aren’t generating qualified leads or reeling in consistent business. You must work to build your digital sphere of influence. First things first, find ways to engage with potential customers, and offer them something of value in return. Remember, when trying to connect with new leads, never be […]

6 Free Self Promotional Tricks for Freelancers

If you’re working as a freelancer, but not being cost effective, you won’t be for too much longer. When you’re self employed, you must cut costs whenever possible, at least in the early stages of growth. At the same time, self promotion is crucial, as a lack thereof won’t help you generate any income. Here […]

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