website development

Avoid Making These Top 10 Website Mistakes

Recently, the internet celebrated 25 years of existence. While people have learned valuable lessons throughout that time, it is interesting that many still make the same mistakes. When you have a website, the goal is to increase traffic to it, which creates an opportunity for you to sell. Unfortunately, the mistakes listed below drive people […]

marketing and sales

Characteristics of Superior Sales and Marketing Capabilities

Some executives feel that the return on investment from sales and marketing cannot be assessed, especially when compared to revenue-generating businesses. Therefore, they focus on efforts that offer visible results quickly. A much better solution entails taking a deliberate and systematic approach of investing in the capabilities of the sales and marketing teams. When looking […]

marketing budget

Marketing Budget: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Unlike large corporations that typically have unlimited funds for sales and marketing, as a smaller or startup company, there is a good chance that you face budget restraints. However, developing an effective marketing plan is essential to achieve success. Unfortunately, this can be costly. To be a serious player on a tight budget, it is […]


Improve Marketing Efforts by Encouraging Creative Thinking

Unfortunately, some business owners are so set in their ways that they miss out on incredible marketing opportunities. The people who work for you have opinions and ideas. By allowing them to think creatively, you can actually improve your company’s marketing efforts. As a result, a broader targeted audience will be reached, sales will climb, […]

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing: A Must Have in 2016

Although inbound marketing has always been considered an effective way to promote brands, most people see this as a luxury opposed to a necessity. For 2016, it is imperative that you incorporate inbound marketing in your strategy. Inbound marketing is a way to enable your brand to be found by customers. To use inbound marketing, […]

brand colors

How Brand Colors Affect Your Marketing Strategy

According to multiple studies, every color evokes a unique emotion and behavior. For that reason, color plays a key role in your company branding. Your customers will naturally respond in a certain way based on color, so it is imperative that you consider colors carefully when developing your brand. Color-Specific Branding For every aspect of […]


Proven Methods for Better Testing and Targeting

If you are dissatisfied with your current method of testing and targeting, the information provided will help. To have an effective marketing strategy, timing is critical. Unless content reaches the intended audience at the right time, its impact will diminish significantly. Improved Testing and Targeting For starters, you have to react quickly to breaking news, […]

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