Simple Tricks to Boost Webinar Registration

Every day, millions of people use mobile devices to conduct business. For you, this creates unparalleled marketing opportunities. To get the message out about your company and the products/services offered, you have incredible options. Benefits of Webinars For generating leads, positioning your company as an industry expert, and branding purposes, webinars are extremely beneficial. Once […]

5 Creative Ways to Capture Email Opt Ins

Although it’s not as popular as it once was, there is still tons of value in building a qualified email marketing list. As long as you focus on connecting with subscribers that want to engage with you, your product, or service, you will observe great results with email marketing. Looking for ways to capture email […]

4 Crucial Podcasting Tips for the New Digital Marketer

If you’re looking to find new customers, podcasting might do the trick. Keep it qualified, and tackle a niche market. Don’t do a “just because” podcast, or follow a generic pathway. Long term, you want to develop a targeted and devoted listener base. In addition, here are 4 crucial podcasting tips for the new digital […]

3 Must Have Video Formats for Brand Development

When working towards building a stronger brand identity, video marketing is absolutely crucial. It gives a real, live in action perspective. Long term, it helps develop your reputation and solidify your online presence. 1. Brand Explainer Videos You can’t assume that people know who you are or what you do. We love when brands use homepage explainer […]

6 Free Self Promotional Tricks for Freelancers

If you’re working as a freelancer, but not being cost effective, you won’t be for too much longer. When you’re self employed, you must cut costs whenever possible, at least in the early stages of growth. At the same time, self promotion is crucial, as a lack thereof won’t help you generate any income. Here […]

Top 6 Must Have WordPress Themes for Your Ecommerce Store

Years ago, most marketers labeled WordPress as an exclusive blogger network. Beyond that, the themes weren’t suitable for product marketing. There wasn’t an efficient checkout option, so WordPress themes simply housed content, and had limited functionality. Fast forward to 2015, and there’s now hundreds of WordPress themes that cater to ecommerce stores. Listed below are […]

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