motivate sales team

Influencing Your Sales Team Without Being Authoritative

Whether intentional or not, some managers appear authoritative as they drive their sales team to success. As a manager, you need to be in control. However, to achieve better results, focus on being influential as opposed to authoritative. Sometimes, finding that balance is challenging. Just as there is a fine line between being too pushy […]

celebrity endorsements

Tips for Using a Celebrity to Market Your Brand

To effectively market your brand, you need to consider all your options. For instance, you might hire a celebrity to endorse your product or service. Celebrities have lent their names to products and services for the past 60-plus years, so this is not a new form of marketing. Some examples of successful celebrity branding campaigns […]

happy customers

How Customers Measure Your Business

As a business owner, you constantly scrutinize your customers. You use different tools to determine what products/services they interested in, where they live, how often they visit your website, and so on. While you continually measure your customers, they are doing the same with your business. Understanding how your business is measured allows you to […]

the art of selling

Selling: Both Art and Science

While some people consider selling to be art, others think of it as science. In truth, selling is both art and science. To be successful in sales, you need the fluidity and finesse associated with art but the practical skills backed by research that go hand in hand with science. Regardless of what you sell […]

digital marketing

Steps for Improving Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is key for business success. If you have a lackluster or ineffective campaign, making improvements is critical. With the steps provided, you will have no problem improving your current digital marketing campaign. Helpful Steps for Improvement Analyze and Revamp Your Current Strategy – Following the same marketing pattern year after year is an […]

customer service tips

Tips for Adapting to the Customer’s Ever-Changing Needs

Your customers’ needs, perceptions, and preferences constantly change. Even if customers are purchasing the same products that you sold over the past five years, you can be assured that something is different with your interaction from five years ago to today. You can see this change in the way that customers conduct research and communicate […]


Service Excellence and the Art of Leadership

Leadership is an art, something required to make any business succeed. When employees watch one strategy after another fail or provide few results, they become increasingly skeptical. Without seeing a strong commitment to leadership that goes beyond the rollout of a new service initiative, they become confused and unmotivated. Regardless of the service program, vision […]


Outdated Marketing Strategies to Avoid

New marketing strategies surface every year. At the same time, other strategies become outdated and ineffective. Even so, some companies still use old strategies that have no benefit. With marketing, the goal is to persuade people to buy your product or service. By avoiding outdated tactics, your level of persuasion increases. Ineffective Marketing Strategies Advertising […]


How to Be More Effective at Geotargeting Customers

In case you are unfamiliar with the term “geotargeting,” this refers to a practice in which different content is delivered to a website user based on his or her specific geographic location. For both organic and pay-per-click (PPC) searches, this is an excellent way to target local customers and prospects. Whether you are starting a […]

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