SMS: A Powerful Marketing Trend

Today, millions of people use mobile messaging. In fact, 57 percent of consumers in the US report using SMS at least once a day. For the annual volume of apps that people have downloaded to smartphones, the number is estimated at 56 billion. These statistics show that you have incredible opportunities with text messaging, as […]

pokemon go

Capitalizing on Local Advertising with Pokémon Go

To some people, Pokémon Go is nothing more than a fun and crazy game, but to others, it presents incredible business opportunities. As the trend grows, an increasing number of businesses are recognizing that Pokémon Go can actually be used to bolster local advertising. Pokémon Go uses augmented reality as a means of sending players […]


Using Personalization to Be More Relevant with Mobile Marketing Efforts

For today’s marketing campaigns, personalization is vital. In fact, 86% of consumers report that personalization is the driving force behind making purchasing decisions. Consumers are hit with a huge number of untargeted advertisements on a daily basis, but they will pay attention to a relevant message. Mobile Personalization Unfortunately, mobile channels often lack personalization. Considering […]


Mobile Marketing Strategies That Are Often Overlooked

Interestingly, many mobile marketing strategies that are overlooked are relatively basic. Often, business owners and marketers get so wrapped up in new and innovative strategies that they forget about marketing fundamentals. By using any of the following recommendations, your marketing efforts will improve. Key Efforts for Mobile Marketing Identify App Marketing Metrics – Once an […]

Reaching Customers Where They Are: 4 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

Text messaging may be a convenient method for communicating with family and friends, but it is also much more than that. It represents an incredibly effective and powerful method for small businesses to communicate with customers where they are—on the go. This marketing venue cannot be ignored, given that most people now own a smartphone […]

5 Innovative Examples of Restaurants Using Text Marketing to Retain Customers

Marketing is essential for restaurants, and helps eating establishments to both attract new customers and retain existing customers. Text marketing has become a commonly accepted method for reaching customers frequently on the go. Yet many restaurants still struggle with the concept of mobile marketing and how to keep it fresh. Below, we explore five innovative […]

4 Mistakes You’re Making with Mobile Marketing Automation and How to Fix Them

Over the years, marketing has made a number of evolutions. One the most significant of those changes has involved the advent of text marketing and mobile marketing. Given the broad span of mobile, marketers must continually adapt while taking advantage of automated technology to stay ahead of the competition. Even so, many marketers continue to […]

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