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Facebook Marketing Features That You May Not Know About

Today, more than 1.6 billion people are active on Facebook every month. From a marketing perspective, this opens incredible doors of opportunity. Although you may be aware of some of the more well-known methods for generating leads, targeting an audience, converting customers, and improving relationships, you might now know about some of the other available […]

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Similarities and Differences Between Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Although there are many excellent social media platforms to use for marketing, two in particular are the most popular: Facebook and Instagram. To be successful in using these two platforms when marketing your business, you should understand their similarities and differences. On Instagram, there are nearly 500 million active users every month, which is more […]

social selling

Opening Not Closing: The Art of Social Selling

Many marketing professionals feel that closing is more important than opening. This mindset causes salespeople to rush through the process so that they can quickly get started on the next deal. As a result, building solid relationships is impossible. An efficient sales process is always about opening, not closing. The goal is to open and […]

Facebook marketing

Recruit New Customers with Facebook Targeting

To be successful in marketing, you need to be successful with targeting. One of the best places to conduct targeting is on Facebook. This particular social media platform offers incredible potential as an avenue used for awareness. For marketing, whether you want to reach the masses or focus more on a specific audience, Facebook provides […]

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Using Social Media to Build a Sales Funnel

Usually, customers want a relationship with your company as opposed to a hard sell. By taking a more human and personalized approach, you will begin to see sales numbers increase. You also need to establish a sales funnel using social media, one that is stable yet flexible. With that, you will find it easier to […]


Improve the Customer Experience Using Social Media

According to customer relationship and social media experts, the experience that a customer has with your brand can be enhanced using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a specific brand, if not used correctly, it can also damage a brand. Helpful Tips Mark Harrington, vice president […]


Bolster Engagement with These Twitter Hacks

To be successful in today’s competitive market, you must engage with potential and existing customers. A powerful way to bolster engagement is with social media platforms, such as Twitter. With extremely busy schedules, people appreciate short and to-the-point tweets. For the greatest impact, consider some of the best Twitter hacks. Highly Effective Twitter Hacks Become […]

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3 Trends That Will Change Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is nothing new, and neither is social media marketing. However, what is continuously changing is how businesses strategize when it comes to using social media. Each year there are new social media trends that you should begin to implement as strategies. If you want to stand out from your competition this coming year, […]

Dark Social: Why You’re Missing the Boat and How to Fix It

The effect social media has had on marketing certainly cannot be denied. Yet while social media grows increasingly popular, marketers continually run the risk of ignoring an online venue with massive potential. This channel is one in which products and services are frequently recommended, and is in fact where most content is actually shared. While […]

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