Here’s the One Crucial Thing You’re Missing On Your Social Timeline

Take a second, and jot down some of your favorite social media personalities. Maybe you love certain brands, or maybe you’re attached to niche individuals. Do you have a fashion blogger you just can’t get enough of? Or maybe there’s a cooking channel on Youtube that makes your mouth water. Either way, what do you think these popular social media mavens have in common?

They offer consistent slice of life posts. What exactly defines “slice of life”? It’s a natural representation of real life. So, let’s say you follow a popular fashion blogger on Instagram. She just got a new hairstyle, and did a professional photoshoot to show off her new look.

Now, the professional photos are not considered slice of life. If she posts a selfie with her and her hair stylist, mid color, that’s definitely slice of life. It shows her in a natural setting, living her real life. Slice of life posts aren’t branded, they just are.

There’s not heavy filtering, editing or clipping. Slice of life posts also aren’t specific to one type of medium. They can be text only, or include a photo or video.

The team at Find New Customers is especially drawn to slice of life videos. Most of the time, they are a bit humorous in nature and spike engagement.

To break it down to brass tacks and simple facts, what exactly can slice of life posts do?

  • Make your brand relatable.
  • Increase fan interaction and engagement.
  • Improve reach.

People like to follow brands or personalities that they relate to. When was the last time you followed an account that you had nothing in common with? We want our social preferences to build an identity, so we follow the accounts that “hit home.”

Should every single post portray that slice of life quality? No. You must separate yourself from the masses with some sort of professionalism. On that note, don’t be afraid to post a slice of life post every now and again. For brands, we would recommend once a week, and for personalities, anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week.

Give it a try, and watch as engagement soars.