Improve the Customer Experience Using Social Media


According to customer relationship and social media experts, the experience that a customer has with your brand can be enhanced using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While social media is a powerful tool for driving traffic to a specific brand, if not used correctly, it can also damage a brand.

Helpful Tips

Mark Harrington, vice president of marketing for Clutch, said using the wrong team to manage social media or engaging only on an ad-hoc basis has caused many brands to fail. The good news is that by leveraging Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram the right way, your brand can achieve greater success.

Answer Customer Questions and Solve Problems

To improve customer relations, use social media platforms to answer questions that both existing and potential customers have, as well as solve their problems. Monitoring these sites on a regular basis is essential for building a stronger connection. It also makes posted answers available for virtually anyone to read.

Keep Customers Informed

Be sure to keep your customers informed of promotions and alert them to any problems. It is critical that you keep issues upfront so the customer is never surprised. For instance, when having issues with your website, inform people using Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. In addition, provide information as to when the problem will be resolved.

Turn a Bad Experience into Something Good

Regardless of what a person thinks about your customer service, all feedback should be acknowledged. Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner with Happy Marketer, stressed that when someone is publically acknowledged by a brand on social media platforms, half of the battle is won. The reason is that every customer wants and deserves your attention. Therefore, if a neutral or poor comment is posted about your company, use it as an opportunity instead of to feeling frustrated and mad.

Highlight Customers

When a customer achieves something exciting with your product and/or service, be sure to put that individual in the spotlight. This humanizes what you do while making a customer extremely happy. Remember, both compelling stories and the people behind them are highly inspirational. Therefore, make an effort to provide great stories about everyday people who accomplished something amazing with your product/service.

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