Improving Your Outreach and Elevating Your Content Strategy with These Surefire Methods

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Although engaging content is a key component of a successful marketing campaign, top marketers stress that just 30 percent of efforts are actually effective. Thankfully, you have the opportunity to connect with multiple industry leaders from whom you can gain tremendous insight. To achieve success in today’s competitive market, your content strategy needs to be intertwined with an outreach strategy.

There are multiple goals, including getting your brand and message before a much larger group of people, seeing more conversions, and accelerating the buyer’s decision. To accomplish these goals, it is imperative that you learn the key influencers. To take your content strategy to the next level and intensify your outreach efforts, consider the following best practices.

Best Practices for Improved Content and Outreach

Start by identifying and subscribing to niche websites. In addition to the more common options, such as the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and so on, make sure that you take advantage of sites that are industry specific. With a subscription, you will receive an abundance of tips, ideas, and various methods for optimizing your marketing efforts.

You also want to look for tweets that feature well-known and highly respected publishers who tend to focus heavily on entrepreneurship. For you, this means a tremendous potential for generating leads. For conversions, you want to outline an outreach strategy that specifically targets these very sites. At the same time, your strategy should promote content that focuses primarily on the return on investment for content marketing.

Another best practice is to include a greater number of social platforms. Specifically, you want channels that focus on visual content. For this, there are two distinct trends. First, a greater number of tweets are about Snapchat and Instagram than Twitter and Facebook, showing that more brands are looking to expand on the newer social networks. Second, the majority of brands do not fully understand how these newer platforms are used. The good news is that because many brands are still learning the basics about these platforms, you have the opportunity to be competitive on them.

Finally, take advantage of various services with a unique marketing approach. For instance, something as simple as text messaging can dramatically improve your outreach while taking your content to a new level. Although numerous companies offer text messaging as a form of sales and marketing, one in particular stands out. Although simple to use, SlickText is a powerful and effective SMS service.