Influencing Your Sales Team Without Being Authoritative

motivate sales team

motivate sales team

Whether intentional or not, some managers appear authoritative as they drive their sales team to success. As a manager, you need to be in control. However, to achieve better results, focus on being influential as opposed to authoritative. Sometimes, finding that balance is challenging.

Just as there is a fine line between being too pushy and influential with customers, the same applies to your team. The goal is to influence your sales staff so they are willing to follow your lead while still showing respect for your position. The information provided will help you gain valuable insight into how you can enhance your skills as a sales manager without coming across as authoritative.

Learn Your Teams’ Personalities

To achieve the right balance between influence and authority, start by learning the personalities of your sales team. Because each member is unique, there are different opinions, responses, goals, and even behaviors.

Based on your discovery, you have the opportunity to move people around so their strengths are utilized to the fullest. For instance, someone who is outgoing and social will likely do well with outdoor sales, whereas someone who is easygoing and sensitive will excel dealing with sales over the phone. Going through this exercise, you can tailor your approach to each member of your team. This will improve communication, drive productivity, and lead to more effective sales.

Build Relationships

By nature, people are social creatures. This means that relationships, even within the workplace, are highly important. As a sales manager, you want to develop a special connection with each team member. By listening to what your employees say, taking their ideas and opinions seriously, and implementing new processes or programs where applicable, you help them become invested. An invested sales team is willing to embrace new knowledge and work harder.

Improve Communication

Solid communication with your sales team is critical. One of the best assets that any successful sales manager can possess is to be a good listener. By demonstrating this skill, you show your team members that they are valued and that their thoughts and opinions are respected.

Good communication is also comprised of feedback. To strengthen the relationships that you have, be sure to provide your team members with feedback on ideas, concerns, and actions. Most importantly, be genuine when listening and giving feedback. In exchange, your team will value and respect you as their leader.