Just Because Your Industry is Boring, Doesn’t Mean Your Content Has to Be

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What are you to do if your industry is a snooze, but you want to make your content marketing eye catching and memorable? Just because your industry might be boring, doesn’t mean that your content marketing needs to befall the same fate. Not all industries are easy to spice up and make exciting, but there are ways that you can make your content a more interesting read. Here are three simple and easy tricks to help make your content exciting and memorable, no matter your industry.

Tell a Riveting Story

Entice your audience with a gripping story. The web, social media, and e-mail have made it easier than ever to gain access to a story that captures our attention. Telling a story in your content marketing is an easy way to develop an emotional and deep response from your audience. Injecting a product or service into your story helps your reader visualize themselves using that product or service. This visualization helps to cement that emotional response and attachment to your product or service.

Aesthetically Appealing

No matter the industry your content is for, you should always make sure that it is visually appealing to your reader. Creating visual content will catch your audience’s attention faster and keep their attention longer. One thing to consider when deciding how to capture and keep your reader’s attention is using animated graphics in your content. These animations help your storytelling by triggering an immediate response rather than forcing the audience to wait to read and process your story.

Stay Away From Long-Winded Copy and Too Much Information

Readers will tend to see a ton of copy and naturally just glaze over without absorbing the content. Readers also tend to become overwhelmed with too much information, and will not read all of your content. Therefore, they won’t get the whole picture. Having large amounts of copy and context will fatigue your audience. In order to stay away from exhausting your readers, utilize infographics, visually appealing graphics, and text placement. In order to stand out, make sure your content is clear and simple. Make sure that your readers are given enough information to be intrigued, but do not overwhelm your reader to exhaustion.