Make New Opt Ins Ecstatic with These 6 Free Content Formats

You’re driving tons of traffic to your site, and ready to take it to the next level. You want to make use of these engaged visitors, and turn them into qualified opt ins. How do you encourage them to join your mailing list? Offer the following free content formats, and watch as the new subscribers roll in.

1. Detailed Checklist

If you’re marketing to organized learners, the detailed checklist will peak their interest. When offering this checklist, make sure you stay specific. If you’re too general, you won’t capture as much interest.

WRONG: The Detailed Checklist to Success

RIGHT: A Detailed Checklist That Empowers You to Make $1,000 More in 30 Days

2. 7 Day Course

Lay out a 7 day course. Offer mixed media formats, including audio clips, infographics, videos, and more. Offer a content digestion schedule, and daily followup questions. This way, you can ensure that new opt ins are actually making use of your content.

3. Top 100 List

We love browsing through top 100 lists. We’re suckers for any kind of top 100 blog headlines direction. Sometimes, even the best marketers need a bit of creative inspiration. Top 100, or even Top 50 lists set us back on course. Keep it simple, and only lay out the list. Don’t offer a bunch of detail under each number, as usually the list itself is enough.

4. Complete Guidebook

We love ebooks, but encourage you to think outside the box on this one. Don’t make a half attempt at throwing your knowledge into a word doc. Make sure the ebook is free of errors, and put it up for grabs on several different outlets.

5. 30 Day Video Series

A video series is the best option for people with captivating personalities. If you’re a behind the scenes marketer, we recommend something that’s a bit more dense. When filming your series, stay around the same length for each clip. Offer one piece of valuable information in each video. Suggest a problem, and offer a solution.

6. Complimentary 30 Minute Skype Call

If you’re comfortable cultivating relationships with new opt ins, this is a great option. You must be good at time management. You should enjoy offering personalized instruction. If you want to keep it more exclusive, allow opts in a chance at winning this type of call, don’t offer it to everyone.

Offering value in exchange for opt in follows best practice and encourages subscriber retention. This ensures that your mailing list has of people who are willing and eager to hear your message.