Mobile Marketing Strategies That Are Often Overlooked


Interestingly, many mobile marketing strategies that are overlooked are relatively basic. Often, business owners and marketers get so wrapped up in new and innovative strategies that they forget about marketing fundamentals. By using any of the following recommendations, your marketing efforts will improve.

Key Efforts for Mobile Marketing

  • Identify App Marketing Metrics – Once an app is installed, it is utilized by only 26 percent of mobile users. In addition, up to 90 percent of users ultimately delete the app. To ensure that your mobile marketing strategy enhances the customer’s experience and increases retention, marketing metrics are critical. Metrics provide you with information on usage patterns for daily and monthly active users, customer lifetime value, length of each session, the rate of app installation and uninstall, customer acquisition cost, revenue per user, launch time, functionality, and amount of space mandated based on the mobile device. By measuring the success of mobile apps, you can create more efficient content and marketing campaigns to reach customers.
  • Keep Things Simple and Easy – Typically, people make a quick decision after conducting a scan of marketing information. If your message is cluttered with banners, columns, and other distractions, you lose potential business. The solution is to keep your mobile marketing efforts simple and clean.
  • Be Seen as Human – Incorporate a humanizing element into your mobile marketing strategies. For instance, when a customer purchases a product or signs up for a service from your company, create a human connection with a simple “thank you.”
  • Inform Customers of an Optimized Checkout Process – Customers want an easy, efficient, and mobile-friendly checkout process, so make sure that your mobile marketing strategy conveys that this is exactly what your company provides.
  • Use Push Notifications to Increase Open Rates – To improve open and click-through rates up to 50 percent, take advantage of push notifications.
  • Adopt the Customer’s Mindset – For mobile marketing to have a significant impact, you must start thinking like existing and potential customers. Although you need to focus on innovative technologies, sophisticated direct mail designs, promotions, and so on, you also need to concentrate on the customer’s experience. This is accomplished by looking at things from the eyes of your customers.
  • Understand Your Differentiating Factor – You need to have a solid understanding of your competitive advantage. In other words, determine what makes your company and the products/services offered unique from the competition. One option is to use an online audit to identify critical data.