Optimize Your Sales Funnel with These 3 Core Functions

When building a list of qualified leads, you must push every customer through the same sales funnel. If implemented correctly, this funnel keeps the process relatively hands free, and takes potential customers through a variety of stages that work towards closing the sale. When optimizing your sales funnel, keep these three main functions at the forefront.

1. Lead Generation

First things first, your sales funnel should help you generate qualified and interested leads. If this funnel isn’t optimized for lead generation, you either will miss out on tons of potential business, or build a list of unqualified subscribers.

When optimizing your sales funnel for lead generation, make sure you prioritize the following.

  1. Create content that addresses buyer’s questions, concerns, and interests.
  2. Gate this content, so only qualified opt ins gain access.
  3. Regularly push out content and engage with leads via social media.

2. Lead Nurturing

So you’ve gathered hundreds of qualified leads, now what? Take it from the team at Find New Customers, you have a small window of opportunity. You must run active processes that help push your new leads through the sales funnel. For example, let’s say a potential customer opts in to your email marketing list. If you fail to contact them after this initial opt in, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. You must nurture this lead, and gently guide them through the sales process. Send them a limited time coupon code, and encourage them to complete the checkout.

3. Customer Acquisition and Expansion

You did it! You turned a new lead into a first time customer. This is definitely something to be proud of, but don’t stop there. Continue to nurture these customers by providing them with special offers, valuable content, and exclusive opportunities. Remember, returning customers are just as important, if not more, than new customers. Their actions prove their brand loyalty, which ultimately strengthens and grows your business.

When optimizing your sales funnel, keep these three core functions at the forefront of all decision making.