Reaching Customers Where They Are: 4 Tips to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

text messaging

Text messaging may be a convenient method for communicating with family and friends, but it is also much more than that. It represents an incredibly effective and powerful method for small businesses to communicate with customers where they are—on the go. This marketing venue cannot be ignored, given that most people now own a smartphone and tend to engage with text messages more quickly and more often than with social media or email.

Even so, many business owners remain reluctant to adopt mobile marketing and text messaging as a way for reaching customers. If you have found yourself struggling with your mobile marketing strategy, the tips below can help you make improvements.

1. Keep It Concise and Focused

Always remember that your customer is taking time out of his or her day to read your text message probably very soon after it is sent. Respect that and keep your message concise. Eliminate the fluff. Speak directly to your target audience and get to the point.

2. Avoid Abbreviations and Slang

Avoid anything that will make your message look like spam. Otherwise your customer is likely to delete it without ever reading it. Leave out anything from your message that might make it seem too salesy. This includes abbreviations, slang, or language that is too promotional in nature.

3. Make It Immediate

The purpose of text marketing is to reach customers where they are while on the go. Unless you have an offer that represents immediate value for your customer, there is no need to send it in a text message. All offers sent by text should be in real time. Never send an offer by text message that cannot be redeemed immediately. There should always be a benefit to taking action right away.

4. Identify Your Brand

While it might seem like common sense, too many brands make the fatal mistake of failing to identify their brand or company. The reality is that if a customer sees a phone number they do not recognize, they will likely delete it. It is absolutely vital that you identify your brand or company to avoiding having your message ignored or deleted.

Mobile marketing can be incredibly powerful, when handled correctly. Following the tips above can help you make an immediate improvement in your brand’s text marketing campaigns.