Recruit New Customers with Facebook Targeting

Facebook marketing

To be successful in marketing, you need to be successful with targeting. One of the best places to conduct targeting is on Facebook. This particular social media platform offers incredible potential as an avenue used for awareness. For marketing, whether you want to reach the masses or focus more on a specific audience, Facebook provides incredible opportunities.

The Sales Funnel

One of the great things about using Facebook for targeting is that you have the ability to reach people toward the top or bottom of the sales funnel. In looking at other social media sites, this is definitely a unique feature. Facebook itself is taking full advantage of the platform in an effort to reach potential customers. In fact, it utilizes its own technologies to market to more than 1.5 billion people and 3 million businesses around the world. This significantly increases your ability to target more people.

As Facebook grows, you have more opportunity to grow when using sound marketing strategies. Marketing your product or service broadly using mass channels is no longer viable. In other words, trying to grow your business by marketing through television, radio, billboards, and so on is simply not effective. This does not mean that these other vehicles add no value, just that for people who constantly use different mobile devices, you have to take a completely different approach.

Today, the media that people accept via mobile device is controlled. Therefore, you need to use Facebook to target your audience as well as personalize your marketing message. Targeting is something that people have come to expect, whether they want it or not. By using the right social media platform and creating personalized messages, people will be more receptive.

One huge advantage of using Facebook for marketing purposes is that it offers a high level of accuracy regarding how well audiences are identified. In fact, according to the latest statistics, Facebook’s accuracy is as high as 85 percent. Of course, to target the right audience using this social media site, you still have to use an appropriate strategy and always monitor activity closely.

Text Marketing Efforts

Whether using Facebook or other online sites, you can always enhance text marketing efforts by using SlickText. With this service, you avoid paying high setup fees yet enjoy powerful and easy-to-use features that get results. With this innovative text marketing service, you can spread the word about your business to both existing and potential customers via a simple SMS.