Two Words that Dramatically Improve Customer Service

customer service

From a very young age, children are taught to show respect by saying “please” and “thank you.” Obviously, every child should learn good manners. However, these same manners play a crucial role throughout adulthood. Especially when it comes to customer service, the words “thank you” are vital to success. When genuinely spoken, these words are powerful.

Specific to the words “thank you,” there are two distinct opportunities. First, stress your appreciation for employees who go beyond in providing a customer an outstanding experience. Second, make sure that your customers are thanked for their business. In fact, you should even thank people who visit your website without making a purchase.

To motivate your employees to provide exceptional customer service, genuinely say “thank you” when a positive behavior is noticed. Because these two words motivate employees, you will begin to see improved productivity, greater attention to detail, and a better attitude. Ultimately, this motivation will lead to encouragement and empowerment in making decisions that enhance a customer’s overall experience.

The bottom line is that for your employees to exceed a customer’s expectations, you need to recognize positive performance. For example, if certain employees are working hard to enhance a customer’s experience, take a moment to acknowledge them by saying “thank you.” The fact is that if you want a specific response from your employees, you cannot ignore them when a positive behavior is demonstrated. By doing so, the desire to provide excellent customer service diminishes.

The key is to acknowledge employees immediately after doing something great. The reason is that during that very moment, emotions are running high. Therefore, if you take notice and say “thank you,” the likelihood of that behavior being repeated increases significantly. Simply put, take advantage of the moment and recognize great performance at the time it occurs.

Expressing the words “thank you” is just as important to the customer as it is to your employees. Regardless if customer interaction takes place in person, over the phone, or through the company’s website, you have the opportunity to let existing and potential customers know just how valuable they are. Remember, both employees and customers love positive feedback, which encourages loyalty.

Of all the words used during a customer’s experience, “thank you” has the most impact. Start with internal changes by acknowledging good behavior from your employees. Then, move to the direct customer experience, again using the words “thank you” to let them how much you appreciate their business.