Using Emojis to Up Your Mobile Marketing Game and Reach Consumers

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With the evolvement of social media and the obsession with phones, came emojis. You either hate them, love them, or think they are absolutely silly, but the truth is that “emoji” was The Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year. These characters have become an integral part of marketing strategies, and you should include them in your game to boost your reach to consumers.

The Emoji

An emoji is a small, digital image or icon that is used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication. This particular type of communication became popular with iPhone users first, especially with the millennial generation. Now that millennials are the newest consumers who spend the most money, marketers are coveting their attention. The mindset is that this age group of 18- to 34-year-olds is young and influential, and is beginning to make big purchases like houses and cars. With this age group comes a whole new way of marketing.

How Do Emojis Play into Marketing?

Since we spend so much time on smartphones, tablets, or computers these days, we are always connected to social media. Because we are always connected to social media and our technology, particularly iPhones, marketing campaigns need to take this into account and change their marketing game.

Marketing is best when it is fun and creative, and emojis allow for that atmosphere. Emojis also allow you to communicate with your target audience through mobile marketing and social media strategy. Using emojis allows you to easily tap into an emotional response with your audience, and they are simple to use for that purpose. 

Emojis make it easy to drive engagement with your users. When you use an emoji, you don’t have to craft that perfect copy to convey your happy message—just put a happy face at the end of your copy. Your consumer’s journey with your brand must be as easy and as pleasant as possible. As a society, we are looking for effective ways to communicate large amounts of information more quickly and simply. Winning brands always deliver simple and straightforward experiences.

Using emojis in your marketing game also helps you to think mobile first. In today’s world, smartphones are always attached to us, and we are constantly browsing social media or the web. Your marketing strategy should always be geared toward mobile devices.