Using Personalization to Be More Relevant with Mobile Marketing Efforts


For today’s marketing campaigns, personalization is vital. In fact, 86% of consumers report that personalization is the driving force behind making purchasing decisions. Consumers are hit with a huge number of untargeted advertisements on a daily basis, but they will pay attention to a relevant message.

Mobile Personalization

Unfortunately, mobile channels often lack personalization. Considering that most people conduct research and buy products and services using some type of mobile device, this is a huge opportunity that you do not want to overlook. To secure more customers and thereby sales, personalize your mobile marketing efforts.

  • Take Advantage of Geotargeting – By using location aware messaging as part of your advertisements, you will get the attention of consumers. After all, people tend to gravitate to local information. When using location personalization, your click-through rate can improve by as much as 70%. You have three primary options for geotargeting, which include using geofencing for targeting users close to defined areas, pushing messages to nearby customers with in-store beacons that are based on proximity, and creating audience segments according to locations that are visited throughout the day.
  • Engaging with Cross-Channels – Most people use multiple online channels when conducting research and making purchases. Because the type of device changes throughout the day, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops, you want to improve cross-channel engagement. To do this, consider both the device and the consumer’s current environment. In addition, you can build on prior efforts by creating consistency for each channel.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge – Because there are technical challenges associated with mobile personalization, many companies avoid this marketing strategy altogether. Although you can identify users in several ways, the problem is that strategies developed for desktop users typically do not translate well to mobile devices. However, by personalizing your efforts, you have the opportunity to gain a competitive edge.
  • Choose the Right Time for Notifications – Even though people spend a tremendous amount of time on mobile devices, there are breaks in the day when they do not look at their devices. For that reason, notifications and emails are often overlooked or missed. By sending your marketing messages according to the likelihood that your targeted audience will be on a mobile device, you have the ability to add personalization. By doing so, the chance of getting the attention of new and existing customers at key decision-making times improves dramatically.