Using Social Media to Build a Sales Funnel

sales and marketing

sales and marketing

Usually, customers want a relationship with your company as opposed to a hard sell. By taking a more human and personalized approach, you will begin to see sales numbers increase. You also need to establish a sales funnel using social media, one that is stable yet flexible. With that, you will find it easier to make appropriate changes to fit the behavior of your customers while also achieving greater sales success.

Building a Sales Funnel

To build a strong marketing sales funnel, pay attention to the specific social media platforms used most by your targeted audience and then utilize those platforms to guide potential customers through your sales process. You also need to make necessary changes quickly and always match the customer’s reaction with your own efforts. Within a short amount of time, your sales will skyrocket.

  • Platforms and Functions – In reality, the number of marketing tools available can be overwhelming. Instead of thinking that you need to incorporate everything into your sales strategy, be very specific. To accomplish this, determine what the path to high-level sales should be. From there, prioritize the social media platforms and tools already being used by your targeted audience. With that done, you can organize the platforms according to the main function. While going through this process, identify the social media platforms that are most relevant to both short and long-term goals by looking at the strengths and weaknesses that each offers.
  • Key Metrics – Another way to build your sales funnel using social media is by assigning and measuring key metrics. If your funnel has any bottlenecks, expect sales momentum to slow considerably or even stop altogether. You want to actually assign key metrics to each stage of your sales process so that the health of the funnel can be measured. Once in place, look at each section of the funnel, identifying individual tactics. You also want to identify industry benchmark standards so you have something for comparing your company against the competition, as well as the industry itself.
  • Test, Modify, Test – Without question, the most effective way to increase sales results comes from testing, making modifications, and then testing again. Remember, during this process focus on your key metrics. You can also take advantage of your analytics to determine what is and is not working. Every social media platform is unique, making testing, modification, and testing again even more critical.