Using Text Messaging to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

text messaging

Text messaging is now one of the most widely used forms of communication for both personal and business purposes. However, to determine the true value of text messaging as it relates to business, one study showed both a positive and negative impact. For sales, there are times when text messaging is highly beneficial and other times when it can steer a deal way off course.

In addition to emails and phone calls, text messaging works to close deals. In fact, compared to emails, text messages usually have a higher open and response rate. For that reason, they are an excellent way to complement email and phone channels. Even so, you need to be cautious in that using text messages incorrectly can create a huge backlash. With text messaging, you need to be careful of “tone damage”, which causes the recipient to perceive the message completely different than what you intended.

Expert Reporting

According to top marketing experts, valuable information has been discovered. For instance, potential clients who receive a text message will convert at a rate 40% higher than those not receiving a text message. In addition, sending a text message to a potential client prior to making contact by phone actually diminished the chance of ever contacting that lead again by a whopping 39%. It was also discovered that content, as well as timing and the number of messages sent, usually dictates the actions that a potential client will take, as well as prospect status in the sales pipeline.

Achieving Success with Text Messaging

For success with text messaging, you can work with a reputable service that sends out messages on your behalf, such as SlickText. You can also succeed by creating your own text messages, but only if they are sent at a time when there is something of importance that can be relayed in just a few words. Some examples of this includes:

  • Appointment reminder
  • Follow-up on a commitment
  • Request for missing information
  • Document approval or acknowledgment of receipt

If you send out three or more text messages with a distinct purpose after making initial contact with a potential customer, the conversation rate jumps an astronomical 328%. Whether using a marketing service or creating a text messaging campaign on your own, the easiest and most efficient solution is an automated system. This eliminates the need for you to depend on other people and it prevents mistakes from being made.